NOCK Launch


Alpha Completed


Standard leveling system as the basis to unlock new items

Ranking system

Medals based on competitive rank

Better Bots

Bots that move and shoot better, with 3 skill levels

New music and sounds

Completely new tracks with procedurally generated elements

Launch March 2022


Future Updates

More Characters

~6 unique characters

Bow designs

6-10 base bow models

Block Skins

Unique skins for your blocks

Quick Chat

Quick chat system as an alternative to voice chat

Curve arrows

Curve arrows for some insane hook shots

Oculus Friends

integrated friends list / party support

PC-VR Version

With 2nd camera support for streamers

Further Updates

Freeplay / Training

Training and a freeplay mode to practice shots


In-match spectating and quick join via Oculus destinations API

In game replays

In-match replays with dynamic camera angles when a goal is scored and saving replays for later

More game modes

We have plans for many different game modes for after launch