NOCK Launch


Shipped Features


Standard leveling system as the basis to unlock new items

Ranking system

Medals based on competitive rank

Better Bots

Bots that move and shoot better, with 3 skill levels

New music and sounds

Completely new tracks with procedurally generated elements

Block Skins

Unique skins for your blocks

Dark Arena

Dark stadium arena design

Bow designs

6-10 base bow models

Casual Mode

Split competitive and casual modes

Season pass x2

Reward track for earning items, free and premium

PC-VR Version

With 2nd camera support for streamers

Launch March 2022


Nock - Obsidian Arena Nock - KO Update Nock - Community Update Nock - Custom Game Update Nock - Custom Game Update
Future updates in 2023

More Characters

~6 unique characters

Quick Chat

Quick chat system as an alternative to voice chat

Curve arrows

Curve arrows for some insane hook shots

Oculus Friends

integrated friends list / party support

Item Store

Store to buy unique items

Freeplay / Training

Training and a freeplay mode to practice shots


In-match spectating and quick join via Oculus destinations API

In game replays

In-match replays with dynamic camera angles when a goal is scored and saving replays for later

More game modes

We have plans for many different game modes for after launch